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Shamanism (the oldest known spiritual practice) is a Powerful Way to open your heartexpand your consciousness, and 
live an enlightened life.

6 things about Shamanism
everyone should know:

1. Our world is more than what meets the eye. In addition to the middle world (the physical world we see and live in), there are additional realms of consciousness. There is also the upper world and even the lower world. A Shamanic journey is a journey through these different invisible worlds; the additional layers of consciousness!

2. Whatever manifests in the physical world, starts in the invisible realm. A Shamanic Journey helps us connect to the light source, to the energies of our planet and other beings. These beings include our power animals, our spirit guides and angels, and also spirits of our loved ones who have passed away. Once we connect with these helpful beings, we never feel alone again.

3. These helpful beings are full of insight and wisdom that we can easily access and tap into to help us navigate to our life. Whether it's figuring out our life's purpose, manifesting something in our future, or  guidance through a painful situation we're dealing with, the answers are there and through this work, we can access them!

4. In Shamanism, the shaman doesn't diagnose a problem for us and then give us a solution. The answers come directly from the spirit guides and helpful beings from other realms. In other words, these helpful beings diagnose a problem and provide a solution for us. A shaman helps us ask the question or asks the questions on our behalf.

5. Most shamans work differently- no two shamans work the same. They have unique spirit guides and helpers that assist them in this work.

6. A shamanic journey can be taken alone, as a collective for a bigger purpose, or even as service to the larger world. Healing is exponential when an entire community comes together!

PLEASE NOTE: As your shaman, Kelly does NOT use any plant-based medicine in working with you; ayahuasca and it's side-effects are not needed!

6 common reasons to work with a shaman:

6 common reasons to  take a shamanic journey.

Soul Retrieval
Our soul is our essence. Sometimes, when we experience trauma or a sudden shock, a piece of our soul leaves us. This can lead to a feeling of Dissociation, a feeling that a part of you is missing.

A shaman will help us find the missing piece of our soul and help us reconnect with it. This process is called Soul Retrieval. 
Remove Spiritual Blockages/ Intrusions
Spiritual blockage or spiritual intrusion can often show up as physical symptoms. Stomach problems, neck pain, or other unexplained pain in a specific point in our body, a localized tumor or cancer, severe depression or fatigue, etc., etc. 

A Shaman connects with or helps us connect with our spirit guides and then helps to remove these blockages.

Returning Soul Parts we may be holding on to
Just as we can be missing some pieces of our soul, we can inadvertently take on parts of another soul. 

A shaman can help us understand that, and through ceremony, help return the soul parts that are not part of us back to where the need to be.

Helping a soul transition after death
When death comes close, the Shaman can help the soul transition. They can be present with the family and the person transitioning and ease the transition.  

A shaman can also help the soul to move on to its next destination.

Feel Strong and Empowered Again
According to Shamanism, when we feel a loss of power (a feeling of helplessness or hopelessness), it could mean a loss of connection with our power animal. This often manifests as a series of bad luck, not feeling any control over the events in your life or a feeling of hopelessness. 

A shaman can help reconnect us with our power animal.

Divination: Healing or Gaining Spiritual Knowledge
Ask a question, any question. The Shaman can do it for us, or we can ask ourselves. The goal of the question could be to heal or to gain knowledge. Whatever it might be, ask a question and the helpful spirit guides will help answer it.

Meet your shaman, Kelly Kay-
healer and guide.

What can you expect from Kelly as your shaman?

As your shaman, Kelly does NOT use any plants or herbs at any point when you work together.

No two shamans work the same. They have unique gifts and their own power animals and spirit guides that help them in this work. Therefore the experience you have with one will be different from another. Here are some ways Kelly helps her clients:

A shamanistic journey can be confusing and emotional for a lot of people. As your Shaman, Kelly holds the space for you throughout your journey; she guides you through it. She comes from a place of compassion, wisdom, and unconditional love.

Kelly helps you safely navigate the different layers of consciousness. She enables you to understand what you are experiencing and how to interpret it. If needed, Kelly may even ask the guides questions on your behalf.

The practice of Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice in the world! Perhaps, the biggest reason people work with Kelly is to successfully integrate this age-old practice into our modern 21st-century lives. 

Shamanism as a way of life can help improve our health and well-being (emotionally, mentally, and physically) through connection to our source. Through practical wisdom, Kelly guides you on how to apply Shamanism and improve every aspect of yourself and your life.

With Kelly's help, you can develop your personal ceremony(ies). The ceremony(ies) will allow for you to prepare for your journey and practice on your own regularly.

A shamanistic journey connects you divine beings who are here to help you navigate life. Kelly helps you understand who they are, interpret their messages, and learn how to apply their guidance.

Shamanism can help you access gifts you didn't know you have. Many times after journey sessions with Kelly, clients have discovered new gifts that have been life-changing!

Sometimes, we are stuck. We fail to see things even though the answer is right in front of us. As your Shaman, Kelly, helps you develop stronger intuition and clear these blocks.

After some time, your way of life will shift. Instead of relating to yourself as only a physical being seeking spirituality, you will see yourself as the spiritual being having a physical experience on Earth. You will be able to understand why you are here and learn how to be of service to the planet.

Message from Kelly Kay

"We all face challenges in our lives. Often we have questions that we wish we had answers to. Through Shamanic Journey, we can access inner wisdom; higher guidance that comes not from outside, but from within, as we connect to global consciousness and our specific spirit guides, power animals, and angels (maybe even our ancestors). This guidance is personal; it resonates with our purpose on this Earth and in this life. Once we have journeyed the other layers of consciousness, our perspective shifts, and that inevitably leads to healing. Once we are healed, we can navigate life more gracefully and in service to others. We can be better humans, better parents, better healers."

~ Kelly K.

What  people are saying about Kelly Kay
Don't take our word for it, read her client testimonials...
Thank you so much for the last session! And all the sessions! It has been an incredible change and fruits will be coming the next year or even before. I am so grateful I could reach another level of emotional peace and inner power. I can totally recommend it to my friends.
 Amazing. It's incredible how much heavy energy was removed in yesterday's session...OMG it explained why i was feeling like I was feeling, so low the past week. Feeling so peaceful and blissfully detached from drama today. :) Very grateful!"

-D. ( from Denmark)
First, I really want to thank for our last time, it created a big shift in me. All the actions I made after it started to align with my power and solar plexus. I always appeared really confident to people because of my strong mind, but it so much easier to have this power
coming from solar plexus. I did the last steps needed to professionally split up from [a person of toxic influenece]. There were some things coming from him about competition [and him twisting the messages I was trying to share], but this place and work with you is giving me courage to level-up and once I am back home, I am ready to step up and create it on my own with my new energy...
I decided to stand up as a leader again, and I saw a very clear vision, as I am all wounded and sad, after experiencing this strong love, I stand up, put my sword up and say: I can be a leader again.
I am deeply grateful for this work we have done 3rd chakra, I will try to meditate on the issues still blocking 2nd chakra, so we can do healing the next time and maybe finalize with root chakra, so I feel ready to bring it all to physical.
Lots of greetings from this blessed place in France

-Holistic Practitioner, France
Kelly is an EXCEPTIONAL teacher. She lives everything she teaches in her daily life and this comes through in her courses. She is also a real person and totally present in the challenges that life can sometimes present. She always inspires me with every interaction.

I have had remote healing sessions with Kelly and have also taken her New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation workshop.
Kelly’s approach is so kind, gentle and empowering. I have found her healings and meditations very powerful and deeply transformative. I’d had some powerful in person Reiki sessions before, but not remote healings. Working with her in that initial remote session, she was so warm and high vibrational, and I could feel she was really tuned in to me. We talked about things going on in my life and anything I wanted her to focus on. After the healing, I felt so much release, and some very important things shifted. She identified my own developed natural healing gifts in my hands, and she encouraged me to work with that. I’d had Reiki treatments before, and had already been considering getting Reiki attunement, but I found the New Paradigm MDT work I got with Kelly was so pure and powerful I really felt even more drawn to that modality than to the Reiki. I participated in Kelly’s New Paradigm MDT workshop/attunement some months later. It has been truly life changing, and I am now doing healing for myself and for others, as well as animals. Kelly is a wonderful teacher as well as healer. Working with her in person and getting a chance to spend some quality time with her, I found her to be a very high vibrational person, and as kind and sincere in person as in her practice.
Kelly is an earth angel who is truly on this earth to heal and empower others. She is the real deal, very gifted, and I recommend her very highly to anyone looking for energy healing or interested in developing their own healing gifts

"Kelly, how do I know this journey is real and not a figment of my imagination?"

Shamanism is based on an important tenet. Once you practice it, the more you practice it, things shift in your life. If you observe, synchronicities will happen, and you will notice changes in your life. I see this often in my clients, and I am sure you will experience it too.

In time, your way of life may shift as well. Instead of relating to yourself as a physical being seeking spirituality, you will see yourself as the spiritual being having a physical experience on the Earth. 

You will have a deeper understanding of why you are here and learn how to be of service to the planet. 
"Kelly, how many sessions will it take for me to develop my practice?"
A shamanic journey can happen in a single session. Sometimes we may be able to do more that one journey in the same session. It all depends on where you are when we start. 

If you are just starting, I will help you develop a practice. You will learn essential tools and create your own ceremony(ies). 

The number of sessions depends on you and your situation. Shamanism is personal. I have seen clients have breakthroughs quickly in some aspects of their lives and need more sessions for some other aspects of their life.

I usually recommend a package of 3 sessions to begin. As your Shaman, it will be my job to make sure you are getting something out of every single session. Price per session is (need from Kelly)
"I would like my partner and I to do this together!"
Absolutely. We can do that. A shamanic journey can definitely be taken with more than one person at a time. It can also be done virtually from any place, or in-person. A shamanic journey takes us beyond the constraints of time and space and also even our physical bodies. If you are called to take this journey with a partner or a loved one, we certainly can. We can also do this journey with an even bigger collective.

We will need some prep work before we journey. I will work with you and your partner ahead of time.

Ready to start your Shamanic Journey?
Please note, Kelly is only offering virtual sessions at this time.
Shamanic journey with Kelly is intended for healing at a deep soul level . This work is for people serious about their healing and spiritual path. The goal is to see why that difficult situation was created in your life, bring awareness from the subconscious to the conscious, channel messages of what you need to hear, integrate the highest soul aspects, and soul retrieval to heal past traumas. This can't be achieved in a single session. The average client does this work with Kelly over 3 to 11 sessions.  Kelly requires a minimum of three sessions to even start this work with you.
Are you ready to commit to healing on a deep energetic and spiritual level?

Are you ready to dive into your shadow, to heal past traumas in order to emerge Whole and at Peace?

Are you willing to work with a guide who will hold you in pure divine unconditional love and non-judgement as you discover lost pieces of yourself and bring healing to those pieces?

Are you possibly feeling the pull to be a shamanic energy healer yourself, to serve humanity during this great awakening process?

If you answer a resounding YES to these questions, please contact Kelly today. Kelly Kay works over a series of sessions to bring you into your Truest, Divine Self to live your most amazing, magical life possible!

Reserve your journey!

Benefits of a shamanic journey
Take the journey and experience the connection and sacredness 
of ALL Life. 
Understanding disease, avoiding burnout and fatigue, avoiding negative situations, overcoming dissociative behavior, practicing unconditional love and compassion, shifting perspective, clearing family problems, resolving issues for family lineage, manifesting a better future, and ultimately living a fulfilled life of purpose.
1. Journey through consciousness, into other realms, and gain access to knowledge and important information about your life
2. Interpret lessons due to situations that keep repeating in your life
3. Overcome trauma you may have experienced
4. Connect with a loved ones who have passed away
5. Understand disease, interpret it and address it, spiritually
6. Easily create new possibilities for your life
7. Connect with power animals and spirit guides who are here to help. Receive their guidance on whatever life situation you are facing
8. Develop a deeper and much broader perspective on life and how we are all connected
9. As you learn to enter into deep inner states, you will feel more joy, empowerment and appreciation for life
10. Understand and navigate life skillfully, confident and gracefully. Know that you are never alone
11. A shift in perspective with a deeper knowledge helps you successfully fulfill your role within your family and community
12. Once you've learned the shamanic skills and develop a regular shamanic practice - this vast reservoir of knowledge is available to you all the time, accessible whenever you need it! 
13. With a shift in your perspective, you will be able to identify when you are coming from a place of your ego and address it quickly
14. With a deeper understanding of life, you are in a better position to help others and truly serve your purpose.
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