Fixing Caregiver Burnout with Shaman Kelly Kay, Spiritual healer and coach
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When we are full of energy and not "stuck" in any way, we emanate a strong force and 
move with a kind of power; however...
Every interaction we've had with other people in our life has tied up our Personal Energy
Over the course of our career, we invest enormous amounts of energy in people and projects no matter what we do, on a weekly basis. Any role in working with people, especially with people who are sick or in need, can have a Major and Noticeable Drain in our Power (Energy).  This is considered 
Compassion Fatigue and even Burnout. 

In Kelly's experience, the most noticeable burnout happens to practitioners, caregivers who are caring for a loved one, nurses, social workers and most other emotionally demanding jobs. Kelly has worked with people from ALL walks of life that want to regain the passion for their work they had when they first began!

Energy work helps us come back to that place of the strong force (Energy) 
& rediscover our personal power!

If you are experiencing Burnout, Anxiety, Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, or just feeling Stuck and you're interested in recovering with help from a thoughtful, incredible practitioner, 
then you need to get in touch with 
Shaman Kelly Kay, Spiritual Guide, Energy Practitioner, Acupuncturist and Herbalist.

What is Energy Exchange?

"We're doing energy exchanges with people all the time, whether we're conscious of it or not. Ideally, we have knowledge of how to protect our own energy, how to recuperate our energy, but unfortunately, a lot of people do not know how to do that and say, 'I'm drained every night!
I thought this was my passion, but maybe it's not, because I'm feeling so drained and so tired all the time?!' 

So what I offer are ways to help people recover that passion and recover that energy and realize...I just needed a few more tools so I can regain that passion!"

-Kelly Kay

"We're doing energy exchanges with people all the time, whether we're conscious of it or not.  Ideally, we have knowledge of how to protect our own energy, how to recuperate our energy, but unfortunately, a lot of people do not know how to do that and say, 'I'm drained every night!
I thought this was my passion, but maybe it's not, because I'm feeling so drained and so tired all the time?!'  So what I offer are ways to help people recover that passion and recover that energy and realize...I just needed a few more tools so I can regain that passion!"

-Kelly Kay

What is Energy Exchange?

"Burnout can be physical, mental, emotional, and energetic;
that's what makes it complicated!"
-Kelly Kay

Burnout is REAL
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Do I need Healing? 
How can Energy Medicine help?
What kind of Energy Exchange results in burnout? 

You have no energy left!

When we are full of energy and not stuck in any way, we emanate a strong force and move with a kind of power. Every interaction we've had with other people in our life has tied up that force, that personal energy. Think about how many people you interact with every single day!

Even when we are done working on our patients/clients, we often catch ourselves thinking about them at the end of the day or even months later. These kinds of thoughts/memories, take up energy. 

As a doctor, a nurse, a healer, a healthcare practitioner, a caregiver, or a social worker, over the course of our career, we invest enormous amounts of energy in others. This drains our energy and unless we replenish it, the result is Burnout. 

Here are some common feelings tied to 
the loss of energy: 

"Not wanting to go into work."

"Not having energy left for anything, but 
the bare minimum."

"Feeling tired ALL the time."

Second-guessing, our purpose in life 
"I loved when I started, but now...
I am not so sure."

As your energy coach and healer, I will help you not only bring back your energy, I will also teach you essential tools to preserve it, every single day.

You feel tired at a deeper level. You feel like your SOUL is tired!

Our soul is our essence. We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience on this Earth. Many practitioners I work with, especially nurses, often tell me they feel like their soul is tired. What they are experiencing is a sort of erosion of the soul.  They can switch jobs or even careers, but this feeling of exhaustion 
will still be there.

They tell me - "My soul is tired"

Doctors, nurses, practitioners, social workers, first responders often work in most dire circumstances. Many of us are involved in very emotionally demanding, even traumatizing situations. Some healthcare professionals have told me they are in a constant state of trauma. 

According to Shamanism, when we experience trauma, shock or difficult situations, a piece of our soul leaves our body. When this happens we experience a state of dissociation. Its like we are going though life, but not really able to fully participate in it.

As your shaman, I can take you through a shamanic journey to retrieve and bring back the pieces of your soul. The results from this work, are profound and almost immediate. You will feel the shift and the difference almost immediately!

As your teacher, I can also help you learn skills and tools so that you know what to do the next time you're in a situation where something like this might occur.

You feel overwhelmed. You feel a LOSS OF POWER! 

When we first start in healthcare, no one teaches us and prepares us for the burden of decisions we make on behalf of our clients. Some of these decisions could even be life and death decisions and even challenge our 
moral belief system. 
This can be beyond overwhelming.

There is a presence of strong emotions:
"Depression, Doubt, Anger, Frustration, Helplessness, Cynicism.."

We spend so much time stressing about our physical world, that we forget, that our physical world is just one of the realms of consciousness. 
When we are so focussed on the problems of the physical world, the problems 
in it seem bigger. 

As your shaman and energy coach, I shift your perspective and bring your awareness to the higher realms of consciousness. Through a shamanic journey, we can access these additional realms. Once we do this, the problems of the physical world 
don't seem so big!

What is also amazing when we experience these additional realms; we encounter helpful beings, spirit guides, angels, power animals and allies, who help us navigate life. Once we connect with our guides, we never feel alone again. Their unconditional love and support is with us all the time.

We rediscover our power, and everything then seems possible!

Meet Kelly Kay,
your shaman, guide and Energy Coach.

There are no constraints of time and space in energy work. Energy goes beyond time and space, therefore you can work with Kelly in-person or virtually (distance healing). You can request remote healing from Kelly, without giving any of your valuable time.

What can you expect from Kelly?

No two energy coaches, work the same. Kelly's passion and gifts are in working with healers, doctors, healthcare practitioners, caregivers, social workers, and first responders. Being an Acupuncturist herself, Kelly has a long list of clients from within the healthcare profession; fellow Acupuncturists, nurses, energy practitioners, and doctors.

Here are some ways Kelly has been able to help clients:

1. The first order of business is to bring back your energy and personal power: Burnout and Compassion Fatigue can be confusing and very emotional for people. As your Shaman and coach, Kelly holds the space for you as you do the work to recover your energy. She guides you through it. She comes from a place of compassion, wisdom, and unconditional love. Understanding where the blocks are, clearing these blocks, bringing the energy back, reconnecting with the missing pieces of your soul, shifting your perspective so you never feel alone again and the problems of the world don't overwhelm you, understanding emotions, all are things Kelly has worked on with many clients over the last decade. Kelly lives and breathes the energy work she teaches in her own clinical and energy practice every day. Whatever problem you may be dealing with, she will be able to help you find the answer.

2. Support your energy going forward, so you don't burnout ever again: Once you feel good and recovered, Kelly also teaches you valuable and essential tools to support your energy moving forward. This is a critical step to ensure you never go back to feeling burnout or fatigued again. Self-care will have a new meaning for you, once you have received energy coaching from Kelly.

3. Helping others (including your patients) with their energy: It doesn't matter if you are a doctor, a nurse, an acupuncturist or a reiki practitioner, skills to be able to help others' energy can go a long way in the long-term success of your practice. In addition to taking care of yourself, Kelly will teach you how to read other people's energy and help them. Kelly's clients often tell her, this work has taken their practice to the next level.

4. Knowledge is power! We live in a realm that is continually evolving and shifting. Kelly does this work for you not just for today but for the future. As the Earth shifts, there will be periods of more chaos. She helps you understand these shifts in advance and prepare for them so you are not surprised and can easily navigate your life.

5. Self-care will become a part of your life: Most healthcare providers are guilty of putting others first and ignoring personal well-being. With Kelly as your energy coach, you will develop self-care rituals that you will love to incorporate in your life. She will introduce you to many amazing tools and resources available to you at any time.

6. Experience community healing: From virtual healing sessions to retreats in Hawaii to weekend workshops, Kelly has an active community of like-minded Healthcare practitioners/providers who come together regularly to support each other. Community healing can be exponentially powerful. Having the support of these friends and allies from all over the world allows you to keep doing what you came here to do.

After some time, your way of life will shift. Instead of relating to yourself as a physical being disconnected from everyone and feeling alone and tired, you will see yourself as a powerful spiritual being, connecting with other energies through an amazing web of life. You will start cherishing life again and love the physical experiences on the Earth. You will be able to understand why you are here and learn how to be of service to the planet and ultimately live your life's purpose.

A Message from Kelly Kay

"Caring too much can hurt! In my 10+ years as a shaman and energy Practitioner, I see Compassion Fatigue and Burnout consistently amongst doctors, practitioners and healthcare workers, caregivers, social workers, even veterinarians. I honor your commitment to help others. I want to support you in this effort and my way of contributing is by helping you with the energy exchange between you and your clients. I will also guide you on how to do it mindfully and not at your expense! You are constantly preoccupied with the suffering of others. As you navigate that stress, you need support; you may have questions that you wish you had answers to. Through Shamanic Journey and energy work, we can access inner wisdom...a higher guidance that comes not from outside, but from within as we connect to global consciousness and our specific spirit guides, power animals, and angels (sometimes even our ancestors). This guidance is Personal; it resonates with our purpose on this Earth and in this life. Through energy work, we can keep our energy strong and always come from a place of power. Once we have journeyed the other layers of consciousness, our perspective shifts, and that inevitably leads to healing! Once we are on a healthier path spiritually, we can navigate life more gracefully, 
in service to others as Enlightened Healers!"

~ Kelly K

Kelly's message to healers (Doctors, nurses, caregivers, healers and practitioners) - 

"The goal is to first restore your personal energy before you heal your clients and patients. "

Burnout, exhaustion, resentment, self-doubt, a feeling of being lost, a feeling of disconnectedness... What are you feeling that brings you to this page? 

These are not just emotions our patients feel. Many of us are feeling these same exact emotions right now. At times like these, we don't just need our medical skills, we also need our energy medicine and spiritual tools to help navigate our patients, our clients and even address our own energies.

What energy are you presenting to your clients and patients?

How are you handling the current crisis?

Do you feel you have the tools to manage your energy and that of the people around you (fellow practitioners, family and patients)?

Shaman Kelly Kay is also a medical practitioner, a herbalist with a doctorate in Oriental Medicine. As an expert healer, she not only helps doctors, nurses, practitioners and healers address their personal energy, she also teaches them specific tools so they can also truly help their clients, physically, spiritually and energetically. 

Here is the work Shaman Kelly Kay does routinely with all her clients. More importantly, she also teaches all her clients these very same tools to help them be better healers. She helps shift their perspective from not just helping their patients physically but also spiritually, energetically  and emotionally as well. 

• Complete chakra clearing, balancing and energizing using the energies of Shamballa (the paradise in the Buddhist tradition), Mahatma (Unconditional Love), and Arcturian healing light. 

• Harmonization of physical complaints or symptoms.

• Balancing of your sacred geometry and spin of your subtle bodies.

• DNA clearing and activations.

• Clearing of any etheric lower vibrational energies such as entities, hooks, cords, spears, implants, etc.

• Shamanic journeys to meet your spirit guides, to confront and overcome fears, to face your shadow, and heal past traumas. This can include soul retrievals and journeys into past lives.

• Clearing the mental body of limiting beliefs or fear-based beliefs that are holding you back from your fullest potential.

• Crown activation and widening/strengthening your Antahkarana/Rainbow Bridge, which is a cord of light that connects you to your higher self, your I AM presence, and to Source. The stronger your Rainbow Bridge connection, the easier it is for you to hear your own guidance and stay in higher vibrational energies. This also allows you to step into your fullest soul expression of who you truly are and why you are here on a soul level.

• Heart chakra and High heart chakra activations to open the Cosmic Heart, which connects you to the deepest, purest Divine Love in the Cosmos.

• Open-ended, a quantum manifestation of whatever is in your highest good at this time in your inner or outer world - this can include attracting the right romantic partner, a fantastic new job opportunity for you, an ideal move to a new location, more financial abundance, etc.

• Accessing your Akashic record to answer ‘why is this happening to me?’ and learn the real lesson behind your circumstances.

• Esoteric Acupuncture using needles of golden light in your energy body to rapidly expand your consciousness in through light portals that are created. Integration patterns to help you process and integrate all that is done during a session.

• Some sessions may include channeled guidance from your team of Light beings, who wish to share personalized, meaningful messages to assist you along your path.

Please note: All Shamanic healing techniques are handled remotely. In-person sessions are available too. Twice a year Kelly also brings her students together for in-person retreats.

What people are saying about Kelly Kay
Don't take our word for it, read her testimonials
Thank you so much for the last session! And all the sessions! It has been an incredible change and fruits will be coming the next year or even before. I am so grateful I could reach another level of emotional peace and inner power. I can totally recommend it to my friends.
 Amazing. It's incredible how much heavy energy was removed in yesterday's session...OMG it explained why i was feeling like I was feeling, so low the past week. Feeling so peaceful and blissfully detached from drama today. :) Very grateful!"

D ( from Denmark)
First, I really want to thank for our last time, it created a big shift in me. All the actions I made after it started to align with my power and solar plexus. I always appeared really confident to people because of my strong mind, but it so much easier to have this power
coming from solar plexus. I did the last steps needed to professionally split up from [a person of toxic influenece]. There were some things coming from him about competition [and him twisting the messages I was trying to share], but this place and work with you is giving me courage to level-up and once I am back home, I am ready to step up and create it on my own with my new energy...
I decided to stand up as a leader again, and I saw a very clear vision, as I am all wounded and sad, after experiencing this strong love, I stand up, put my sword up and say: I can be a leader again.
I am deeply grateful for this work we have done 3rd chakra, I will try to meditate on the issues still blocking 2nd chakra, so we can do healing the next time and maybe finalize with root chakra, so I feel ready to bring it all to physical.
Lots of greetings from this blessed place in France

Holistic Practitioner, France
Kelly is an EXCEPTIONAL teacher. She lives everything she teaches in her daily life and this comes through in her courses. She is also a real person and totally present in the challenges that life can sometimes present. She always inspires me with every interaction.

I have had remote healing sessions with Kelly and have also taken her New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation workshop.
Kelly’s approach is so kind, gentle and empowering. I have found her healings and meditations very powerful and deeply transformative. I’d had some powerful in person Reiki sessions before, but not remote healings. Working with her in that initial remote session, she was so warm and high vibrational, and I could feel she was really tuned in to me. We talked about things going on in my life and anything I wanted her to focus on. After the healing, I felt so much release, and some very important things shifted. She identified my own developed natural healing gifts in my hands, and she encouraged me to work with that. I’d had Reiki treatments before, and had already been considering getting Reiki attunement, but I found the New Paradigm MDT work I got with Kelly was so pure and powerful I really felt even more drawn to that modality than to the Reiki. I participated in Kelly’s New Paradigm MDT workshop/attunement some months later. It has been truly life changing, and I am now doing healing for myself and for others, as well as animals. Kelly is a wonderful teacher as well as healer. Working with her in person and getting a chance to spend some quality time with her, I found her to be a very high vibrational person, and as kind and sincere in person as in her practice.
Kelly is an earth angel who is truly on this earth to heal and empower others. She is the real deal, very gifted, and I recommend her very highly to anyone looking for energy healing or interested in developing their own healing gifts

Frequently asked Questions
What does a virtual healing session with Kelly look like? 
There are no constraints of time and space in energy work. Energy goes beyond time and space, and therefore you can work with Kelly in person or virtually (distance healing). If you are just out of time, you can also request remote healing from Kelly, without giving any of your time.

Please watch the video above to learn more...
How many sessions will it take for me to develop my practice?
The number of sessions depends on you and your situation. Energy work is personal. I have seen clients have breakthroughs quickly in some aspects of their lives and need more sessions for some other aspects of their life. Doing energy work can sometimes be like peeling the layers of an onion. Once we embark on this journey, I am here for you, as frequently and in whatever capacity you need me.

I usually recommend an over the phone consultation to figure out the best approach based on what you are personally dealing with. As your Shaman and Energy Coach, it will be my job to make sure you are getting something out of every single session. Price per session is (need from Kelly)
I would like my partner and I to do this work together.
Absolutely, we can definitely  do that. Energy work when done as a community or with partners can be exceptionally healing. Energy work takes us beyond the constraints of our physical bodies, physical worlds and physical mind. It opens our hearts and expands our consciousness, so we can connect with our loved ones even more intimately. I always encourage partners to do this work together. 

We will need some prep work before we start. I will work with you and your partner ahead of time. I offer a free first consultation to better understand your situation and then we make a plan together.

Ready for some spiritual healing? Ready to learn new techniques to help your clients and patients heal emotionally and spiritually? Ready to address your Burnout?

Request Your Free Consultation with Kelly Kay 
Please note, Kelly is only offering virtual sessions at this time. 
Soul sessions and techniques with Kelly are intended for healing at a deep soul level . This work is for people serious about their healing and spiritual path. The goal is to understand life on a much deeper level so you can bring a new energy to all the people around you including your patients and clients. This can't be achieved in a single session. The average client does this work with Kelly over 3 to 11 sessions. Kelly requires a minimum of three sessions to even start this work with you.
Are you ready to commit to healing on a deep energetic and spiritual level?

Are you ready to dive into your shadow, to heal past traumas in order to emerge Whole and at Peace?

Are you willing to work with a guide who will hold you in pure divine unconditional love and non-judgement as you discover lost pieces of yourself and bring healing to those pieces?

Are you possibly feeling the pull to be a shamanic energy healer yourself, to serve humanity during this great awakening process?

If you answer a resounding YES to these questions, please contact Kelly today. Kelly Kay works over a series of sessions to bring you into your Truest, Divine Self to live your most amazing, magical life possible!

Because of the intensity of this work, Kelly only works with limited clients at any give time. Reserve your spot!

Benefits of Energy Medicine 
Understanding energy exchange, understanding disease, avoiding burnout and fatigue, avoiding negative situations, overcoming dissociative behavior, practicing unconditional love and compassion without fatigue, shifting perspective, clearing family problems, resolving issues for family lineage, manifesting a better future, and ultimately living a fulfilled life of purpose.
1. Journey through consciousness, into other realms, and gain access to knowledge and important information about your life.
2. Help Interpret lessons due to situations that keep repeating in your life.
3. Overcome trauma you may have experienced.
4. Connect you with a loved one who has passed away.
5. Understand disease, interpret it and address it energetically.
6. Create new possibilities for your life.
7. Connect with power animals and spirit guides who are here to help. Receive their guidance on whatever life situation you are facing.
8. Develop a deeper and much broader perspective on life and how we are all connected.
9. As you learn to enter into deep inner states, you will feel more joy, empowerment and appreciation for life.
10. Understand and navigate life skillfully, confident and gracefully. Know that you are never alone!
11. A shift in perspective with a deeper knowledge helps you successfully fulfill your role within your family and community.
12. Once you have learned and developed your own practice - this vast reservoir of knowledge is available to you all the time, accessible whenever you need it. 
13. With a shift in your perspective, you will know when you are coming from a place of your ego and address it quickly.
14. With a deeper understanding of life, you are in a better position to help others and truly serve your purpose.
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